IKO Fibreglass Laminate

    • Cambridge Lifetime

    IKO Cambridge shingles are laminated to provide a remarkable dimensional thickness, not only for strength, durability, and weather resistance, but also to create an extraordinarily beautiful look for your home. Cambridge is manufactured in a larger size with more exposure to create a high-definition "shake" look for your roof. Its double-layer construction, using an extra-heavy fibreglass mat and tough, modified sealant, provides superior durability and wind resistance. All Cambridge shingles are surprisingly affordable and are the perfect choice to protect and beautify your home.

    • Laminated architectural design

    • Class "A" fire resistance rating

    • Limited warranty coverage up to:

      145km/h (90mph), if installed with 6 nails and manually sealed

    • Lifetime Warranty

    • 5 Year IKO "Iron Clad" protection

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