• Torch-On Membrane Roofing

    This general specification is for the installation of a membrane system used in new construction and reroofing applications over nailable deck types (e.g. plywood).

    A.) Fibreglass base sheet:

    This is the first layer which is nailed to the deck using Simplex Nails (nails with a large washer-like head).

    B.) Torch-on base sheet:

    This is the second layer. It is torched down to the fibreglass base sheet.

    C.) Torch-on cap sheet:

    This is the third layer. It is torched down to the torch-on base sheet, and it will have a granular surfacing as the membrane’s protection against ultra-violet light.

    Bird house vents:

    These vents let the air circulate through the rafters to remove moisture and heat.

    Plumbing stacks:

    A flashing which allows breather pipes for your plumbing to pass through the roof. From the ground, they appear to be a pipe sticking up through the roof.

    Roof drains:

    These copper drains allow water to drain from the roof through the soffit (roof overhang) to downpipes attached to the exterior wall of the house.

    Scupper drains:

    These copper drains allow water to be drained from the roof to the downpipes without going through the soffit.

    B-vent flashing:

    This is a flashing for your furnace or chimney.

    Metal flashings:

    All our metal flashings are made from 28-gauge metal and come prepainted with a baked-enamel finish that won’t rust!

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